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Mademoiselle Populaire

An adorable film and we couldn’t help but trace the logo of the movie poster in vectors. It is a rather detailed logo that mimics the style of the time in which the plot of the film is set. The film is a French comedy about a young woman who makes it from the province to the final of the World Championship in Machine Writing in New York. The film by director Régis Roinsard was released in April 2013 and captured the hearts of the audience.

Vektorgrafik von einer Frau die vor einer Schreibmaschine sitzt mit der Aufschrift "Populaire" Vektorgrafik von einer Frau die vor einer Schreibmaschine sitzt mit der Aufschrift "Populaire"
Vektorgrafik von einer Frau die vor einer Schreibmaschine sitzt mit der Aufschrift "Populaire"

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Vector graphics are our passion and one of our two main branches. For more than 10 years, we have been offering our vectorization services under the vektorfee brand. Thousands of customers have already entrusted us with their bitmap templates of all kinds to draw them. Through our consistent quality management, we ensure that we always provide an optimal result for the respective application. We employ only trained graphic designers, all of which have different areas of expertise.

For example, redrawing a logo cannot be compared to the abstraction of a photo in vectors. In this respect, we assign each job to the graphic designer who has the right style and skills to optimally implement the vectorized motive.

All you have to do is send us your design as an image file of any kind and specify in what way the final art will be used. We then determine the best way to implement it and assign the job to a graphic designer who has the right drawing style and who can optimally trace the design in vectors.

Working with us is very easy. In short, send us your image template, we will vectorize your design into a vector file and send it back to you. If something needs to be changed, we will do it and only then will we send you an invoice to settle it.

Just give it a try. Offers are always free of charge with us.

Vektorgrafik eines Firmenlogos auf einem Auto - Moritz Barcelona 1856 und einem Bierkrug

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