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Vector graphics for print, plot, laser and more

Our team of professional graphic designers traces your templates as high-quality vector graphics. We attribute the highest importance to the attention to detail and usability of the files in professional environments. The vast majority of our customers are commercial users who outsource the "tedious work" with us in order to concentrate on their core business. We create universally usable vector files that can be used in all popular applications.

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Embroidery files for machines of all brands

For over 15 years we have been producing high-quality embroidery files for embroiderers of all sizes. We are the perfect partner for private use, small series and large-scale productions. We know what to watch out for in different designs and digitize the embroidery files correctly and professionally. Delicate materials, knitware and long-fiber garments are also no problem if we know the use-case for an embroidery in advance.

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Vector graphics and embroidery files from

Under one roof, we offer you our wide range of services in the graphics sector. For the majority of our customers we work as an “extended workbench” in the graphics sector, or as an outsourced graphics department, so to speak.

Our vector graphics department creates high-quality illustrations for all common applications from screen printing in the paper and textile sector to plotter applications for vinyl cutting, flex, flock and stencils. Our designs are also ideal for outdoor advertising and wall tattoos. In the technical field, we supply precise drawings for lasers and engraving systems.

High-quality embroidery files for textile finishing are the bread-and-butter for our “embroidery digitizing” department. We create embroidery designs for our customers, which can directly be loaded into the embroidery machine. Due to the many years of experience and the processing of thousands of embroidery designs in the last decades, it is no problem for us to implement elaborate designs, such as animals and vehicles of photos as embroidery motifs.

We adapt to your workflow and make it as easy as possible for our customers to work with us. Simple, clear workflows, monthly invoicing and support from a personal customer advisor are just some of the advantages you enjoy as a customer.

We our many years of experience and the expertise of our many trained graphic designers, with whom we can cover many areas of application available to you. Not all graphic work is the same and different designs require different skills from the respective graphic designer. An in-house graphics department or a single graphic designer will not be able to cover such a wide range of services.

Especially for customers in the small and medium business size, we can offer enormous productivity increases with the help of our service. The “tedious work” is outsourced at a reasonable prices and customers can concentrate on their essential core business. The prime example of a win-win situation.

Take a look at our information pages and just ask for a qutatation if you have demand. If you give us a try, we are certain to convince you of our quality of service.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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We are your graphics department - outsourced

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It's that easy to work with us...

1 You simply send us your design by email or via our web form. The format or kind of artwork you supply is not relevant. We can work with almost anything we can display on the screen and what is recognizable in sufficient detail.

2 We will look at your design and will explore the possibilities of processing according to your information. Based on the expected effort, we classify our workload for the job and submit a binding fixed-price quotation to you.

3 If you agree to the offer, simply let us know briefly and we will take the job into production. You will receive an order confirmation and, in general, the finished files will be sent to you by email on the next working day.

4 If there is still a need for edits after delivery, a short message is sufficient and we will review the job. The delivery of the revised files will be made immediately after their completion.

5 Your job will be invoiced in the monthly billing cycle and you can easily settle the open account via bank transfer, SEPA direct debit or Paypal. Of course, all jobs are listed separately on the invoice.

Frequently asked general questions

Our customer service will be happy to advise you from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. For more information please contact us on our contact page. Send us questions or designs simply by email to and we will contact you immediately.

You can submit your orders by 20:00 and normally you will receive the finished files by email the following morning. We do everything we can to complete your orders within 24 hours, but sometimes our capacities are exhausted. As a rule of thumb, all orders are delivered on the following day or the next day. If you are in a rush, just let us know and we will prioritize the order as far as possible to deliver as quickly as possible.

As far as payment is concerned, you will normally receive an invoice by email at the end of the month and can then pay it by Paypal, bank transfer or direct debit. Account information etc. will be sent with the invoice in the accompanying e-mail. If you need the invoice sooner, just let us know and we can then initiate billing for a job manually. In order to save administrative costs, we invoice only once per month. Of course, the monthly invoice lists the individual jobs with delivery dates and other details.

No, there is no “subscription” fee or flat rate. We only charge the fixed price per order. Our standard prices can be found in the price overview. If you have requested an offer in advance, we will always charge the fixed price offered.

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Simply drag your image for vectorization or to create an embroidery file in the box below and provide us with your contact details. We will contact you immediately with an offer. Quick and uncomplicated.

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Vector graphics

Samples of Vector Graphics

Our samples of vector graphics show the different use-cases for vectorized graphics. We have put together a selection of different designs. With the help of the samples you can get an overview of our range of services and see if we can assist you with a current inquiry or in case of specific needs. There are designs from the fields of logo vectorization, vectorized coats of arms, re-drawings of photos and examples of graphic design of various artworks. Take a look at the complete collection to get an overview of what we can process for you as a vectorized file.

In the example below, you see a black-and-white abstraction of a copper engraving as a printable vector art. The drawing style is determined by the graphic designer and in any case the original design will be clearly recognizable. It is particularly noteworthy here that the template is somewhat fuzzy and very complex. When vectorizing with the graphics tablet, the graphic designer had to decide which details are important for the recognition value of the pictured object and how these can be well reproduced as a line drawing.

This vectorization is definitely a very complex sample. In most cases, the vectorization jobs assigned to us are simpler in nature and can be completed faster than this elaborate design. The use cases for such an abstracted vector file are very versatile. It can be used not only for printing, but also for laser engravings, as the individual lines were traced by hand in paths and not in areas.

Frequently asked questions about vector graphics

There are several reasons why we can offer our service at this price. First, we mainly offer vectorization work. We do not accept any design jobs, but only focus on well-defined tasks. A designs agency must coordinate drafts with you and put other time into different design concepts. All this is costly. So the agency calculates the creative performance and the creation of something new. We’re just converting something existing. Secondly, we are specialists in our field. We have been doing tracing jobs in an efficient team for many years. Our processes are very optimized so we can ideally support our highly motivated employees and thus have an enormous productivity.

Definitely not. Automatic tracing programs or vectorization functions in graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw are only useful if really top-processed pixel files are available. In most cases, the necessary adjustments on automatically vectorized graphics are more complex than manual re-creation. We trace all designs by hand with a graphics tablet and can thus ensure that all paths are clean and have as few nodes as necessary. This makes it easier to work with plotters and also allows later changes to the designs.

99% of our jobs are processed in 24-48 hours and delivered by email. For orders up to 6 p.m., many orders are completed overnight and are usually ready for you the next morning.

Vector graphics do not have dot-resolution values (dpi) because they are not composed of pixel-dots. Vectors are line definitions that make up the graphic. Vector graphics can be scaled as large or small as desired without losing detail. Because of this property, it makes sense to convert bitmaps (pixel files) to vectors.

In case of a necessary change, please simply send us an email with instructions to If the changes are due to an error on our end, of course we will not charge anything for the changes. If the desired changes have nothing to do with us, we charge you from 5,00€ for the implementation. Please do not send any requests for changes via the request forms on the website as this could be overlooked and you may accidentally invoke a completely new job.

Embroidery files

Samples of embroidery file

To illustrate the design possibilities for embroidery files, we have put together a selection of samples that give you the chance to get an overview of the spectrum of our skills in digitizing different types of designs. In order to cover as many applications as possible, you will find samples for converting logos into embroidery files. In addition, there are examples where drawings or other graphics were digitized into embroidery files. Another area are embroidery files for heraldry. Here we often digitize club crests, family coats of arms or other heraldic elements. Finally, we also show you examples from a special area, namely designs in which the embroidery file was digitized after a photo. For this, the digitizer requires a lot of experience, so that one can clearly recognize the original photo in the final embroidery.

This sample below shows the artistic interpretation of a photo within the scope of the possibilities of an embroidery file. It should be noted that the digitizer has to decide during the process of digitizing, which details can be implemented as embroidery at all and in which stitch-type they are best set up. It makes a big difference whether an area is applied in flat/satin stitch or in a fill-stitch. Depending on the size of the finished embroidery, one can use different stitch types or fil patterns. At the windows of the tractor in the picture you can see the possibility of transparent details. Also on the side and in the shovel, shades and reflections are modeled with different stitch directions.

Of course, such an interpretation of a photo is rather complex and more often than not we digizize much simpler designs. But in the sample below, the original photo is clearly recognizable in the finished embroidery image and the technical possibilities of machine embroidery are extensively used. Take a look at the other samples to get a broader picture of the possibilities.

Questions and answers about embroidery files

Absolutely. Our digitizers work with the latest version of the Wilcom software and we build all designs as embroidery files completely from scratch by hand. Although there are functions for the automatic generation of embroidery files in some software, so-called auto-digitizing functions, they are only practical if perfectly prepared artworks are available and the design allows such automatic digitalization. In most cases, necessary edits on automatically digitized embroidery files is more complex than their manual re-creation. We build all embroidery files by hand with a graphics tablet and can thus ensure that all objects are correctly digitized and have as few overlaps as necessary. This makes the the files easier to work with when embroidering and also allows later changes to the designs.

Determining the stitch count of an embroidery file requires a lot of experience because there is no good “fist rule” which could be applied. Depending on the number of objects, the stitch types used and the possibility to spare out areas if other colors, that are layered, the stitch count can vary considerably with the designs size itself. If you request a quotation from us, we will be happy to give you the stitchcount that we estimate for our calculation for the design. However, this information is always without guarantee, as we also sometimes estimate wrong ourselves. However, we always guarantee you the price we quote in the offer to be fixed.

Along with the finished embroidery file, we supply both a preview file and a production data sheet, in which all details of the embroidery file are listed. Like that, you know in advance the number of colors used, the color changes, the required amount of thread for the upper and lower threads, as well as the individual and total counts for the individual colors. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a preview file in advance. To generate a preview, the embroidery file must already be digitized and then the work is “already done”. However, you can look at our samples to estimate how we convert different designs into embroidery files.

We digitize our designs in the latest software generation from Wilcom. We always provide the original Outline data in an EMB file. In addition, we provide a DST file of the design, as well as a PDF file with the production overview for the job. In that PDF, the stitches, the color changes, the thread colors used, etc. are listed. We also provide a screenshot of the design. Of course, it is no problem to supply other transport formats such as ART (Bernina), PES (Brother), TAP (Happy), EXP (Melco), DSB/DSZ (Tashima) and many more. Simply tell us your desired format when ordering.

It can happen that an embroidery file does not properly run on a specific machine right away. If an embroidery file created by us needs to be edited, simply send us an email to, in which you briefly describe your change request. As a rule, it also makes sense if you send us a photo of your sewout. Nowadays, this is done quickly with a smartphone and we can then better assess how your machine or software interprets our filw and how the garment reacts. Based on the photo and the instructions, we can then estimate which adjustments must be made. These changes, just like other minor changes, are of course free and always included until you are satisfied with the file. Please do not send any requests for changes via the request forms on the website as this could be overlooked and you could inadvertently initiate a new job.